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Alternative Gift Ideas

Step out of the box and find exciting and sweet ideas for your loved ones. Plants and gourmet gift baskets cuts the message across and through its simplicity, warms the soul of its recipient.

A Sugar Coated Message Of Love

Whoever said that flowers are exclusively for women? Pamper your dads and your favorite men with addictive concoctions of flowers and sweets for their special day.

Getting Married to that Special Person

You must be very happy now that you have captured the love of someone special to you and now you are getting married to that special someone. You are also happy to have captured the heart of your love and you are content in knowing that you will be married to that someone special. Your heart beats every time you think about that special person that you love.

Charming Silverbell With Dangling Heart Charm

One wonderful and unique way to show guests wear their seat is located is with a beautiful place cardholder has their name listed for them to see. In a beautiful, charming Silver bell with a dangling heart charm is the wedding favor that will do this for you.

Halloween Gifts

What makes a basket a Halloween basket? Halloween memories of your childhood, building toward the excitement of the holiday.

Say “Thanks” This Thanksgiving With a Great Gift

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner can be very stressful and require a lot of hard work. Thank your host or hosts with any of these great gift ideas!

Great Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Teenage Girl

Need some great stocking stuffer ideas for your teenage girl? Christmas is on it’s way and you need to get shopping. Here are some great tips for stocking stuffers your young adult will love!

Housewarming Gifts – Be Unique with Your Gift Ideas

It is very common nowadays to celebrate the purchase of a new home with friends and family by having a housewarming party. For the host, this could mean gifts and presents but to the invitee, it could pose a headache as you ponder what to buy. How much should you spend? Will they already have it? Will someone else bring it? It’s very easy just to take a bottle of wine. However, there are many housewarming gift ideas which make great alternative presents.

Gift Card Giving – Avoiding The Anti-Gift

Gift giving can be a major pain for the giver and the recipient. But often all the time you spent fighting long lines, bargain hunting and trying to find the right gift only ends with the gift being returned, exchanged or cashed in. Is there a more viable solution to gift giving? Many stores claim they have it. The store issued gift card. But is the gift card all it’s cracked up to be?

What Makes a Gift Item Promotional? A Little Creativity

Business gifts are a common, and effective, way to recognize top clients, but even though many companies have recognized the value in branding their business gifts there are still companies who miss out on this great opportunity to increase the value of their brand. What makes a gift item promotional? A little creativity. Typically items are imprinted with your logo and tagline, but the best promotional gift items are carefully conceived and executed.

2007 Holiday Gift Giving Tips, Advice, And More!

Gift giving tips and advice for your customers, valued clients, and suppliers. Gift giving to help you promote good will with your customers. Gifts for co-workers, what’s appropriate. Gift giving for upper management advice.

Soy Candles – The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

It is that time of year again, and if you find yourself frantically searching for the perfect gift at the last minute, do not worry: you are in good company. Americans are busier than ever these days and, as we make more and more personal and business contacts, keeping track of holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, housewarmings, weddings, and other special occasions can seem as daunting a task as climbing Mount Everest.

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